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Duking It Out in New York

Mishpacha Magazine on the first phase of New York’s mayoral campaign identifies Ezra Friedlander as Quinn advisor

The first phase of New York’s contentious and often spicy mayoral campaign is
winding down in advance of the primary election scheduled for September 10th.
Our pre-election roundup shines the spotlight on the candidates.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has remained
at or near the top of the polls throughout the primary
campaign. Ms. Quinn is considered the de facto favorite
and would be New York’s first female mayor, but her
eventual victory is far from certain.
She has not engendered enough enthusiasm to
break away from the field, and she scores mediocre
numbers in hypothetical runoff races with individual
rivals. Ms. Quinn’s close identification with Mayor
Michael Bloomberg and his policies is doing her no
favors among Democrats eager to see them go. Previous
controversies over her alleged manipulation of
public funds to reward friends and punish enemies
haven’t helped either.
Age: 47
Career path: Chief of staff to New York City Councilman
Thomas K. Duane, 1992-96; New York City Councilwoman
for the 3rd District in Manhattan, 1999-present;
New York City Council speaker, 2006-present.
Notable career hallmark: Became New York City’s
first female council speaker; worked with Mayor
Bloomberg to pass bill that overturned term limits
that were put in place by the city’s voters.
Notable endorsements: National Organization for
Women, Emily’s List, and feminist icon Gloria Steinem.
Notable quote: “I decided that the mayor and I would
have a productive and cordial working relationship, and
because I decided it, it was so.” (New York Magazine)
Aspects of interest to the Orthodox Jewish
community: Wrote open letter to Columbia University
urging the administration to cancel Iranian
president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s 2007 speech; is
an aggressive advocate for alternative family lifestyles;
expressed support for maintaining the Bloomberg
administration’s policy of requiring a consent form
when performing metzitzah b’peh during bris milah.
Top Orthodox advisor: Ezra Friedlander