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Tribute to Pomegranate

The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize Pomegranate in its partnership in providing employment to a member of the HASC Center family.

Yitzchokm is an individual was developmentally disabled (a genetic disorder)  and came from a family low on the economic level and always wanted to work.  He had an extremely shy personality, hard for him to maintain eye contact.   Yitzchak is in HASC Center’s E-SEMP program which is an acronym for Enhanced Supported Employment Program– that means that HASC Center identifies a suitable job for the consumer and provide them with intensive job supports (a job coach is there the entire time).  HASC Center found a job for Yitzchok in Pomegranate packaging candies (upstairs in Pomegranate).  After several months (of having a coach with him all the time) he expressed interest in working ‘where the action is’. He was put to work as a bagger (by the registers) three days a week.  Then it became four days and then five days.  He is a totally changed person.  This is a just one example of HASC's many success stories.

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