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Monday, October 03, 2011
Sharei Hayosher Pre—School Answers the Call of the Community By: Natan Bar-Shalom Image Magazine Article

Sharei Hayosher Pre—School Answers the Call of the Community

By: Natan Bar-Shalom

Mothers and Fathers love their children. They want to give them a head start in life. Often, this requires both parents to go to work which often puts parents in a dilemma: what to do with their child who requires an environment that’s conducive to their emotional, physical, and pedagogic growth.  Your average babysitting service is perhaps suitable for a day or two but anything long—term is not going to get your child ready for an early childhood program.  Therefore at the request of parents, Sharei Hayosher Pre—School is offering the community for the very first time a pre—Nursery program which will be staff by especially trained teachers who can keep your child  cared for and entertained but at the same time prep your child for pre—school.  This class is opening right after the Holidays--chagim in late October and will be decorated and furnished in an age appropriate style.  Parents with children from the ages 2--3 are invited to submit their application. 

Community leaders have hailed this new service of Sharei Hayosher as an important enhancement of the quality of life for parents who will be able to productively earn a living without worrying about their child’s day care.  In fact, as rumors began spreading the telephone has not stopped ringing at 1334 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn where Sharei Hayosher is located.  However, only a select number of children will be accepted in order to limit class size which will maximize the personal attention give to each child.

“I am thrilled to learn that for the very first time, I can send my child to a pre—school even though they require more attention in their pre—school age years” said Mrs. Harrari of Avenue S.  “Indeed, I want to thank Sharei Hayosher for their commitment to our community”.

Additionally, Sharei Hayosher has been at the forefront of providing a superb early childhood experience for hundreds of children throughout its over twenty years of service to the community.  Its experienced staff is renowned for its dedication to its children and has recently instituted a brand new propriety curriculum for its students.

Looking forward to the Fall and Winter, the School is preparing a “real feel” educational experience that will bring alive the teachings of Jewish Mesorah and Heritage to children in an atmosphere that they can relate to.  This may sound simplistic but it requires an integrated multi—faceted teaching method that is unique at Sharei Hayosher Pre—School. 

Parents are fond of telling their friends about their child’s experience at Sharei Hayosher and look back at their formative years at the pre—school with nostalgic memories. Indeed, Mrs. Rachel Livian credits her daughter’s positive development into elementary school to her teachers at Sharei Hayosher, saying “ my Ruthie was very apprehensive going to Nursery at first but after several days of personal attention transformed into a  willing and in fact eager school goes who was greatly enriched by the educational opportunities that were offered to us at Sharei Hayosher and I will be eternally grateful to them for it”.

For those in the community interested to learn more about Sharei Hayosher Pre—School, it is advisable to schedule a personal tour at their state of the art building located at 1334 Ocean Parkway, where you can have a personal chat about your child with the Pre—School’s directorship.  Your child’s future is dependent on a solid foundation which is critically important for their development into a young adult, hence the importance of carefully researching all options before selecting the most suitable option for your child. Please call 718—376—4555. Readers of Image Magazine will be given special preference.





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