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MAZSOK visit to Boro Park

Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Hungarian Officials Hosted by Wallenberg Commission; Councilman David Greenfield Leads Tour of 13th Avenue


Hungarian officials representing both the Foreign Ministry and the Jewish community in Hungary visited Boro Park today. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the community within the context of the co-naming of 13th Avenue as "Wallenberg Way" which is to place in the very near future.  The imputes behind the tour was to visit the community in anticipation of the co-naming of 13th Avenue as Wallenberg Way-legislation that has been introduced in the New York City Council members David Greenfield and Brad Lander. A tour of 13th Avenue was given by Councilman David Greenfield who explained the various unique customs of the Chasidic community.


Attending the breakfast were members of the Board of Governors of the Wallenberg Commission including: Peter & Debbie Rebenwurzel; Sidney Greenberger; Leon Goldenberg; Jonathan Zalisky;  as well as Simcha Eichenstein, who is a senior advisor to the NYS Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli; Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, JCC of Boro Park; Rabbi Avi Fishof and Esther Henny Jaroslawicz from the Bikur Cholim of Boro Park; Dr. David Moskovits, Skulen Kehila and President, Endowment for Democracy in Eastern Europe; The Honorable Yitzchok Fleisher, Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, Rabbi Avrohom Friedman.


Gyorgy Szabo, the President of the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Heritage of Hungary Public Endowment (MAZSOK) and David Bohm Advisor Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary - Minister's Cabinet spoke about the series of events taking place in Hungary to commemorate Wallenberg’s centennial and


"I want to thank Councilman Greenfield for honoring our distinguished guests from Hungary and welcoming them, it is our hope to be able to create a spirit of reconciliation between the Jewish community here in Boro Park with the Hungarian government as they create a framework to build a  working relationship which hopefully will remain permanent" said Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group, and spokesman of the Raoul Wallenberg Commission and who is a scion of the Liska Chasidic dynast. Liska and many communities of Boro Park hails from Hungary and Boro Park has the most Holocaust survivors.

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The Commission works on a national campaign to highlight the incredible heroism exhibited by Raoul Wallenberg and to award him with a Congressional Gold Medal posthumously.
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