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Mayor Barkat & ICare4Autism

Jerusalem Mayor and New York Philanthropists Support ICare4Autism Global Center for Autism Research and Education on Mt. Scopus

More than 50 leading philanthropists gathered in the Wall Street boardroom of investment bank DH Blair to hear Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat discuss the urgent need to support the creation of the world’s first Global Center for Autism Research and Education on Mt. Scopus.

The Global Autism Center is a project of ICare4Autism (The International Center for Autism Research and Education), a New York-based charitable organization founded in 2004 by Dr. Joshua Weinstein to tackle the global autism crisis by catalyzing breakthrough innovations in research, diagnosis and treatment.

When open in 2014, the Center’s 5-acre campus will feature a state-of-the-art on site research institute; the world’s first university-level school of autism studies; an educational center applying the latest research and technology to the special needs of students with autism, and a foundation to support the transformation of autism education and treatment worldwide.

In addition to these existing program plans, Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Founder & CEO of ICare4Autism announced an important new initiative: the world’s first Comprehensive Autism Workforce Development Center. The Workforce Development Center will provide preparation for workforce entry; vocational training and employment services in more than a dozen fields ranging from semi-skilled to the high tech sector; specialized support to persons with Asperger’s Syndrome, and ongoing job coaching and mentoring.

Dr. Eric Hollander, the chairman of the advisory committee for ICare4Autism explained why the Global Autism Center is so important now, “The Global Autism Center will bring together the large scale data and collaborative networks urgently needed to drive breakthrough genetic and epigenetic autism research. These networks do not yet exist, and no other organization is building them. It will create the world's first integrated platform for cross disciplinary collaboration between biomedical researchers and educators. The creation of such a platform is critical to global efforts to foster early detection and effective intervention. And finally, having the Global Autism Center in Jerusalem will have a powerful and transformative impact on the Israeli autism community, bringing the world's leading researchers into close collaboration with their Israeli colleagues and rapidly bringing their most important advances to Israelis with autism.”

Mayor Barkat said, “The Global Autism Center is of vital importance for the City of Jerusalem and the world. We are pleased and honored to help bring the world’s leading scientific and educational experts together to the spark the innovations that will transform the lives of millions of people with autism and their families.”

Said host J. Morton Davis, DH Blair Founder and Chairman, “I am proud to support the GlobalAutismCenter and grateful to Icare4autism for bringing this center of excellence to Jerusalem, where it will transform the lives so many people.”

Event Co-Chair John Catsimatidis, owner and CEO of Red Apple Group and Gristedes Foods, applauded the Global Autism Center as “an example of international collaboration that is worthy of our support, because it will help to permanently change the world for the better.”

The International Center for Autism Research and Education (Icare4autism), a New York City- based non-profit organization, announced plans to create the world’s first Global Autism Center on Mt. Scopus in Jerusalem, Israel.
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