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How the GOP shooting affected an Israeli anti-abortion group's anniversary celebration

JTA Coverage of Event By Giovanna Paz

WASHINGTON (JTA)   Speakers at a Washington function for an Israeli group that discourages abortion said the shooting attack on Republican Congress members the day before was a reminder of the sanctity of life.

As the world becomes more and more secular, we forget where we came from,  Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said at the June 15 event in a Capitol Hill office building marking the 40th anniversary of EFRAT.  We forget the importance of and the special nature of what is life.

EFRAT is an Israeli organization that encourages women considering abortion to have and raise their children, providing them with counseling and information on pregnancy as well as baby items like strollers, cribs and clothing. It does not lobby against Israel s relatively liberal abortion laws.

EFRAT, a nonprofit, celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Capitol. The event honored Eli Schussheim, the organization's president, and Woli Stern, its director.

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