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Design and Casting of Gold Medals

The US Mint is in the process of designing the Raoul Wallenberg Congressional Gold Medal. Ezra Friedlander of the Wallenberg Commission is acting as liaison.
A Congressional Gold Medal is created by the United States Mint to specifically commemorate the person and achievement for which the medal is awarded. Each medal is therefore different in appearance, and there is no rule of reaching a standard design for a Congressional Gold Medal.

After a Congressional Gold Medal bill has been approved by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President, officials of the United States Mint meet with the sponsors of the legislation and members of the honoree's family to discuss possible designs for the medal.


Photographs of the honoree are also examined during this meeting. Mint engravers then prepare a series of sketches of possible designs for consideration and comment by the Commission of Fine Arts and subsequently the Secretary of the Treasury, who makes the final decision on the medal's design.


Once the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the honoree's family, has made a selection, the design is sculptured, a die is made, and the medal is struck at the Philadelphia Mint. The Mint then notifies the White House and arrangements are made for a formal presentation by the President.

The Commission works on a national campaign to highlight the incredible heroism exhibited by Raoul Wallenberg and to award him with a Congressional Gold Medal posthumously.
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